World of Good by eBay

World of Good by eBayeBay and Amazon clearly deliver value to their customers. With the rising cost of gas, it’s cheaper for many people to pay a few dollars for shipping rather than drive to the mall. Using these online tools is also less stressful and more accommodating for the discerning shopper looking for positive products that are green and Fair Trade. Unless you are one of the lucky few with a local Fair Trade shop, you can find a ton more Fair Trade goods online than you can in the mass market chain store around town.

World of Good by eBay featuring Fair Trade soccer balls

eBay has teamed up with a series of Trust Providers to begin a new front for Fair Trade called World of Good by eBay. World of Good is an online shopping experience that combines the best of Fair Trade and eBay. Trusted providers in World of Good by eBay must verify that their companies’ activities foster the inherent principles behind Fair Trade.

Trust Providers verify marketplace participants and prove they economically empower the native producers, artists and farmers who produce their products. These marketplace participants also must meet stringent policies of ecological transparency and proper business ethics that empower, not tear down, everyone involved. Partnering with eBay gives World of Good international clout and stamina sure to make an impact on the world of Fair Trade.

You’ll find that the products on World of Good are truly rich in design and quality. Whether it is jewelry from the depths of Africa, beautiful natural art pieces from South America, or tapestries and rugs from India, all these products have been handcrafted by producers who earned a fair wage for their efforts and skill. Once you purchase from the World of Good initiative, you can also see how much impact you’ve made. Best of all, the products from World of Good are about the same prices as you’ll find in stores!

Fair Trade Sports products can be found on World of Good among the myriad of eco-friendly toys and sporting goods. I’ve been honored to be a part of this initiative since its original conception 18 months ago by serving on their Advisory Board. It’s been an interesting experience and I’m pleased to see their public launch. It’s been alot of work for both the eBay and World of Good teams.

This new marketplace offers one of the largest selections of Fair Trade and global eco-friendly products. With the support of eBay, Fair Trade has become more accessible than ever. And it doesn’t need to stop with eBay either. Soon, we can have the same effect on other global companies who can bring positive products to market in a way to truly benefits the original producers, such as and Target Corporation!

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