Every School Can Become Fair Trade

Fair Trade UniformsFor parents, this can be the most exciting time of the year! A new school year brings challenges and milestones for your kids that will last a lifetime. For producers all across the world, this can be the best time of the year, too. Fair Trade principles can be taught and practiced in the school environment here in North America, benefitting the hard work of producers thousands of miles away.

So how can we use Fair Trade in the classroom? Here are five easy suggestions:

Wear Fair Trade Uniforms! Fair Trade Uniforms produces uniforms, gym clothes and tee shirts that directly support marginalized communities. Every purchase goes back into the community.

Incorporate Fair Trade education into curriculum! Global Exchange has a wonderful teacher resource that uses chocolate and a multitude of books and publications so that everyone can understand Fair Trade. Even kindergarten children can gain an understanding of economic justice with Global Exchange’s easy-to-use curriculum resource.

Play fair on the playground! Replace your school’s sports equipment with Fair Trade only products from Fair Trade Sports. The purchases pay a living wage to impoverished producers, bettering their communities. Use this OxFam soccer game to teach Fair Trade principals to others in a fun, effective manner.

Collaborate while fundraising for Fair Trade! Global Goods Partners offers an easy-to-use, socially responsible fundraising tool for schools. Global Goods Partners also offers a collaborative shopping tool to find products made by Fair Trade communities.

Take a step for Fair Trade! A new line of Fair Trade shoes are available from the Autonomie Project. These shoes are available for all sorts of sports, and are 100% certified Fair Trade! They also come in a multitude of colors and styles.

These five easy steps can help any school become more Fair Trade friendly!

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