Dutch View on a Global Problem

Children playing soccerWe were also recently approached by the National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (NCDO) to support the latest athletic outreach in Fair Trade. This is a great opportunity for Fair Trade Sports and the NCDO to team up and improve the lives of youth through the power of sports.

For those of you not familiar with NCDO, they are a Dutch non-profit organization promoting a Sport Programme to accomplish the U.N. Millennial Goals (the same ones we put on this End Poverty 2015 soccer ball).

Sports have an enormous impact on the societies of developing nations and developed nations often take those benefits for granted. Therefore, it is important that the organizations whose goal it is to support the economic and social development of those nations focus on incorporating sports and other recreational activities into the daily lives of children.

Here are the NCDO effects for each Millennial goal:

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger: NCDO promotes employment opportunities by organizing, training and equipping local sports teams and games
  • Achieve universal primary education: NCDO promotes physical education in the primary schools across Africa. More students stay in school when P.E. is incorporated into the curriciulum
  • Promote gender equality and empower women: NCDO promotes women’s active role in sports teams and games, promoting respect and equality between genders
  • Reduce child mortality: NCDO incorporates mothers into the sports community and provides health education during and after games
  • Improve maternal health: same strategy and tactics as #4 above
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other disease: NCDO supports local community dance & music activities while providing health education about AIDS and other diseases during and after events
  • Improve environmental sustainability: Members are awarded extra points on their sports teams when they volunteer their time to clean their local villages. Points go towards championship games
  • Develop global partnerships for economic development: NCDO partners with other global organzations to provide equipment for local sports teams

So often, it’s easy to forget about the impact sports has on our everyday lives. Sports provides jobs, motivation, mental wellbeing, and enjoyment for all societies.

Thankfully, NCDO has recognized the vital role of sports and has influenced many small villages across Africa with their charity and educational influence. As a result, more villages have sustainable employment, positive athletic programs for their youth, and education programs to improve health!

Fair Trade Sports will be playing an active support role with NCDO. We are looking forward to providing sports equipment and further education to support their mission. Together a few small forward-thinking organizations can make a global difference!

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