Alternative Fairs and Markets

Recently, some certified Fair Trade soccer balls and volleyballs were donated to the annual American Martyrs Catholic Church of Manhattan Beach auction by one of our customers (shout out to Tom Hoffarth). Churches have been a gathering point for people for centuries and it’s important that the folks that attend these gatherings get educated about the Fair Trade movement.

Donating these balls to the church auction was a great way to not only promote the Fair Trade market and donate to a worthwhile charity, but give people a chance to buy one beforehand and maybe start a little buzz about it. Each ball came attached with a sheet telling why it was “special” and it was displayed with all of the other sports equipment that was up for silent auction.

What a great way to get the ball rolling (sorry, bad pun) a month early on the “Fairly Gifting: The Alternative Christmas Market” (more on that later).

Many of these markets have all kinds of Fair Trade goods and services available for purchase, and our Fair Trade balls will be for sale at cost along with cards detailing the facts about Fair Trade and what it means to the world at large. This isn’t so much a fundraiser as it is an “awareness raiser” that helps to push the cause forward.

As political forces polarized our country this election season, it’s imperative that we break the stereotypes thrust upon us and reach out to everyone with our message of Fair Trade. Churches are a great place to raise awareness for the dual global problems of extreme poverty and exploitation that continue to plague the less-privileged peoples of the Earth.

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